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The Syrian Carnage

Everyone has an opinion regarding this powder keg. What does history have to teach us? What can we expect to see in the near future? How will this impact us locally?

U.S. Political Climate

Below the surface, there is a much more contentious debate simmering. It is that of provision. Whose responsibility is it to provide for humanity? Truly, it is why we fight.

Streets of Rage

As people lose hope in the path they have chosen, violence is often the response. Is the small town exempt from turmoil? What can we do to cut it off at the pass?

Facing World War

Perhaps some of our elders can give us insight into what it is like doing without. No doubt,
we are facing major geopolitical upheaval. How can we be proactive here at home?

The House Divided

How can two walk together unless they agree? Certainly, they cannot. “Agreeing to disagree” eventually spills over into the streets, as we see even now.

The Problem, Not The Solution

When everyone loves their own brand, is admitting that we are all wrong too much to consider? It cannot be. There are simple solutions, but “coexistence” is not among them.

The Israeli-Palestinian Compromise

Whose land is it anyway? Can capitulation to a screaming mob bring about just and comprehensive peace, or simply a misguided sense of security?


An Even Flow

The evening generally flows in the following format.

Meet & Greet

Each evening begins with open discussion so we can get to know one another. Relationships are important as we face Current Events! The challenges before us are best tackled as we learn to help one another.

Current Events

Stay on top of international, national and local events. During this time we talk about recent headlines. Keeping it bottled up inside is unfruitul. What are your concerns? These are tumultous times, indeed!


If feelings of consternation or cognitvive dissonance are to arise, it will be here. The topics are often difficult to consider, but you’re likely pondering the matters anyway. Feel free to voice your thoughts & concerns during Open Q&A.

Open Q & A

Ideally, during open Q&A we can discuss the ramifications of Current Events against the backdrop of the Presentations, in a civil manner. Genuine unity is possible only after disagreement departs and not before.


Our next meeting will be in Hohenwald, Tn. We will be making an announcement within a few days.

If you are interested in attending, please give us a call or send a text to our phone, letting us know who you are.

We will save your information in our contacts.


Some of you have asked how you can help. Please see the Present Needs section located at the bottom right.


About Us

We are a people with eyes to see the difficulties that we face in this country. We know the local community is not exempt from hardship. In the interest of sounding the alarm, we find ourselves alarmed at the rapid pace in which society is unraveling.

Contact Us

Phone – 931.306.4501

Texting is our preferred initial contact method because we live in a rural area and phone signals are often unstable.

Bless you all!

The Goal

Get to know your neighbors and their particular persuasions while building mutually beneficial relationships. The need for strong, local relationships in times of uncertainty is
increasingly evident!

Cosmology Series: Syria vs. Israel and The Flood

– The heavenly realms, both the righteous and wicked.
Who, what, where, when, how and why?
– The sun, moon, stars and planets & the fallen Host of Heaven.
– The connection of the aforementioned to both Israel and Syria.
– The important divisions of right and left, sheep and goats.


Meeting Schedule

We will be having quarterly gatherings throughout the year with a few other dispersed throughout. We are going to be renting some Airbnb cabins so we can have relaxing weekends while we record. It is cheaper than hotel conference rooms, will be more relaxed and remedy the pressing time constraints associated with hourly rentals.


Our next meeting will be in Hohenwald, Tn.

We will send details regarding the location via text, once they are made firm!

If you are interested in attending, please give us a call or send a text to our phone. Please let us know your name and we will add you to your contacts.



Pressing Matters

Listed below are a few of the topics that we will be cycling through during the meetings. If it becomes apparent that a particular genre requires more time, we will make the necessary adjustment as the need presents itself.

East, West, North & South: The Threshold Is Crumbling

What do ancient texts have to tell us about present geo-political tensions? Is it possible to learn about the future by studying historical writings?

The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Brother Against Brother

What information can we glean from the Dead Sea Scrolls, The Old & New Testament or even non-canonical, extra-biblical writings?

What Can Be Done Locally & Individually To Prepare?

Difficult times of sacrifice may very well demand more than an indivudal household can bear. What steps can the small town take to prepare for times of warfare, natural disaster and fiscal instability? Stong, sensible, well-informed individuals are necessary in order to have a strong communtiy.

Societal Shifting Sand: Violence In the "Streets of Rage"

When external pressure is applied to this nation, is it reasonable to assume that difficulty won’t be experienced in the small town? No, it is not. How can we be pro-active in dealing with the matter individually and corporately?


Present Needs

We desire fellowship of like-minded believers with interest in helping others, current events, prophecy and of course timekeeping (calendar) discussion. Thank you for seriously considering the matter. We would love to fellowship.


In addition to providing a “Quick Reference” list of scriptures, it will help establish a timeline of testimony. Also, at the end of the playlist there is an informative tutorial regarding Daniel Chapter 8 and I think you will find it helpful. Before, before, and before DVDs were created, I was warning about Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and the destruction of the nation of Syria. Soon he will head south.

Town Hall Talks Presentation Recordings

After you have watched the playlist to the left, go ahead and watch the videos in the playlist below. These were recorded in 2019 and reflect more current understanding. As a tree in need of pruning, I remain imperfect. Improper gleanings from Judeo-Christian religion gives way to the simple truth of the scriptures. To be sure, the core message of warning regarding Assad stands firm, and clear.

Origins: Cosmology & Cosmogony Series

Be sure to watch these videos in order. This constitutes less than 40% of what I want to cover in this series. We need your help. We work hard with our hands. Throughout the year, we work 2-3 jobs and don’t often have much to spare beyond time. This series is a burden on my heart as strong delusion is clearly upon us, as in the days of Noah. We need to be in front of it, and ahead of it, with well-documented testimony. Help!



If you can’t help bear the financial burden, don’t feel bad. We want you to come with confidence. Be free!

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